Verification Office Certification Test Engineer

    • Job Tracking ID: 512052-651889
    • Job Level: Any
    • Level of Education: Any
    • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
    • Years of Experience: Any
    • Starting Date: January 1, 2019
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Job Description:

The Certification Test Engineer will function as a test engineer and shall carry the following responsibility:

  • Design, implement and test specific telecommunications lab environments employing Ribbon and non-Ribbon components for the purpose of validating interoperability with various SIP service provider (SP) SIP trunking services.
  • Interface with SP and 3rd Party Vendor personnel to coordinate test definition, execution and results acceptance.
  • Configure and integrate third-party vendor equipment and applications into testing environment, as required.
  • Develop test strategies and test plans based on interoperability testing requirements.
  • Develop test cases in accordance with SP and/or 3rd Party Vendor requirements.
  • Execute test cases and document test results using accepted practices
  • Report found defects to Engineering for resolution.
  • Work with Engineering to verify resolution of identified software defects
  • Work with Certification Technical Writer to develop professional quality AppNotes for public consumption.


Experience and Skills:

The Certification Test Engineer must possess the following skills:


  • Excellent communication and organizational skills, and possess the ability to interface with Ribbon’s partners, third party vendors and SPs.
  • Fluent in English language.
  • Knowledge of the principles of SBC functionality a must
  • Experience with Ribbon SBC family a plus
  • Knowledge of Access Control List (ACL) principles a plus
  • Knowledge of Internet layer protocols such as IPv4, IPv6, and ICMP etc. is required
  • Extensive experience with telephony networking protocols SIP, RTP SRTP is required
  • Extensive experience with transports such as UDP, TCP, TLS is required
  • Extensive knowledge of message capturing and filtering using tools such as Wireshark
  • Experience with large-scale telephony software architecture and implementation is a plus
  • Knowledge of enterprise communications systems such as Avaya CM & ASM, Cisco UCM, MS Skype for Business, BroadSoft BroadWorks and Genesys SIP Server a plus.
  • Strong knowledge of Linux and Unix operating systems and syntax.
  • Knowledge of Network Protocols: Ethernet (802.1q, 802.3ad, etc.) is a plus
  • Shell scripting (Perl, KSH, CSH, and BASH) and process automation knowledge a plus
  • MySQL and/or Oracle experience a plus
  • Strong analytical and communication skills, and a proven history of delivering high quality work
  • BS in Engineering or related field preferred
  • Experience may be substituted for some of educational requirement but shall be determined case by case